I Keep Seeing 1111

Do you see number sequences such as 11:11, 1:11, 111 or 1111 almost everywhere you go? They appear in the most interesting and unique ways imaginable and at just the right time to get your attention. 11:11 and other variations pops up out of the blue, making its presence known on:
-Oven timers
-Licence number plates
-Tv/dvd players
-Mobile phones
-Text messages
-Call durations
-Social media likes/shares/comments
-Mileage counters
-Road signs
Yes, the list of these 1111 sightings are endless. Does this ever happen to you? Perhaps you shrug it off as a coincidence. But, how does this explanation apply when for example:
You open up a book randomly at page 111
You pick up your phone and it’s 11:11 am
You stop the microwave in mid spin at 1:11
Your ticket number is 1111

Do these occurrences happen on a regular basis that you begin to question whether it is just a coincidence? Do you wonder what seeing 1111 means and why you see it? If 11:11 has got your attention and curiosity has a firm grip of you, maybe you think or say, ‘enough is enough. I now need to know more about 11:11.”

Did you know that millions of people around the world are seeing the number sequence 11:11 and other sequences such as 1:11, 111 and 1111? It is a global phenomenon that is happening to people from all walks of life. Yes, Millions of people are seeing 11:11, 1111, 1:11 or 111. This is called by many the 11:11 Global Phenomenon or the Great 1111 Awakening and you are a part of it! You are not alone!

The Meaning Of Why You See 1111

So many people ask, “what does 11:11 mean?” The truth is there is no definitive or universal answer to that question. So, if you are searching for one solid definition you will not find it! Sorry, but this is a Fact.

However, this does not mean that there is no meaning, it just means that the meaning needs to be found. It is what resonates with you, that is where the meaning lies.

What 11:11 means to me, maybe different to what it means to you. The reason why is because seeing 11:11 is a personal experience and each person’s journey is different.

Each experience can be described in terms of a fingerprint. Every fingerprint is unique to each individual. No print is ever the same, just like no journey is ever the same. These interpretations of 11:11 is subject to the interpreter. The interpreter being you.

What Does 1111 Mean?

Here are a few, brief interpretations of 11:11, perhaps something resonates with you. Either way, research more into it, until you find something that resonates with you. That is where the meaning lies. And if you do not find anything that resonates, perhaps the meaning will appear part way through your journey. Sometimes things are revealed when the times right.

Angelic and Spirit Guides– Your 1111 Team of Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides are trying to connect with you. Some people, feel that when they see 11:11 it is also a loved one that has passed away, being present on their journey.

LightWorkers-11:11 activates and triggers Lightworkers to awaken. They are individuals who have made a conscious (sometimes subconscious) decision, sometimes even in past lives or as part of a soul contract to help “raise the vibration” of humanity. Lightworkers are beacons of light, here to shine their light in the dark cracks of the world.

Twin Flames– 11 represents two equal whole ones (beings) who come together as two beings in a singular unit. It can represent two individual Flames coming together to create a Holy Twin Flame Union. This is known as the 11:11 Twin Flame Connection.

Numerology– 11 is considered a Master Number and represents transformation. It is a powerful and spiritual number that illuminates one’s path. The path is often hidden, whereby one must learn through experiences, in both outer and inner worlds. When that number equates to 1111 it becomes a supercharged number, guiding you on your path.

Gateways and Portals– When you see 1111, a doorway of opportunity between two worlds open for one to cross. This can be between the 3rd and 5th dimension. It is a higher frequency, whereby it assists the evolution of our consciousness. This is to work as one.

Balance– When you see 11:11 your life is either becoming or gaining more balanced. It can also be confirmation that you are on the right track and that your life is currently in balance.

Binary DNA Code– The brain is like a computer, which relies on binary codes such as 1’s and 0’s. In this example, 11:11 is the binary code within our minds that awakens our dormant DNA process. Thus, triggering an awakening for you and/or those around you.

Digital Time Code– This is a theory that 11:11 unlocks your DNA and opens your subconscious mind through physically seeing these numbers. It helps your brain to remember the importance of 11:11. Many believe that these codes were planted when we made soul contracts to come back to this plane, to assist humanity in raising the global consciousness.

DNA Activation– The number 11 represents twin strands of DNA. This is a sign of a DNA Activation.

Fibonacci Sequence– 11:11 is tied into Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of creation. Therefore, it represents an end to the physical reality as we know it.

Global Consciousness– When you see 11:11, you feel connected with the Universe and everyone else who is currently experiencing this phenomenon. We are all one.

11:11 Make a Wish– Many people play the 11:11am/pm game without understanding the significance behind it. If they notice it is 11:11am/pm they make a wish.

Manifestations/Law of Attraction– These ties in with the 11:11 Make a Wish theory, but more in depth. Rather than a game, it is your thoughts holding significant power, what you think you can manifest into your reality.

Pay Attention- When you see 11;11 a portal opens of opportunities open up to you.

Spiritual Purpose– 11:11 presents itself to guide you on your journey of finding your purpose.

Wake Up Call– 11:11 signifies your awakening, as this number seems to be predominately noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys.

For more information about these, read the 11:11 book.

“You see 11:11 for a reason. Read about it and ask questions. Feed your curiosity, feed your soul.
Knowledge is food to your soul. Don’t let it starve!” Natasha Nanda