About The Author

Natasha Nanda was born and raised in Manchester by her father who was an engineer and her spiritual healer mother who was gifted with abilities such as: Channelling, tarot reading, clairvoyancy, empathic and clairsentient. Natasha had many profound spiritual experiences as she was growing up. Clairsentient and empathic, herself, with the help of her mother she learned to understand, harness, and control her spiritual side.

After studying at The University of Salford and gaining a Bsc Hons Degree in Paediatric Nursing she joined the NHS but, being altruistic in nature, she was left disheartened by the system. This led to a career change and working on behalf of charity organisations such as: Green Peace UK, Action Aid, Save The Children, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, World Vision and many more. An opportunity to work in Australia came up and she worked for a Cancer Charity in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Yearning for something more Natasha left her job to go backpacking around Thailand and Australia for several months. Working in small villages, teaching English, opened her eyes to different religions, beliefs, circumstances, and cultures. This, combined with meditation, helped her open spiritually and by becoming more attuned to her surroundings she gained a level of insight, knowledge, and wisdom about herself and those around her.

The breakdown of her family, losing a friend to a tragic accident, losing contact with her mother, sexual harassment and discrimination in the work place, health issues and domestic violence, which almost cost her life, all over a relatively short span of time caused Natasha’s life to spiral downwards. This led to stress, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol misuse and an attempt to take her own life by overdose.

Thankfully, she survived, and this and all her experiences were a wake-up call. Natasha turned to God, self-help books, and meditation to turn her life around. This was when she began experiencing seeing 11:11 more prominently. Through communicating with Divine Spirits, she was led to find her first and one true love, who she later married and had a baby with. The number sequences led her on a journey where she was able to turn her life around for the better.

Now settled down, happy and content Natasha wanted to help others. She began by setting up social media platforms relating to 11:11 and inviting people to email her about it. Thousands of unsolicited testimonials of people’s experiences and insights into 11:11 followed. This is where she gained a deeper insight into the phenomenon. She began researching and asking questions to write a book that could provide answers and help others understand their experiences with 11:11.

Natasha’s research and understanding of 11:11 and her spirituality combined with her personal life experiences has enabled her to help others and contributed to her mission, which is to unite and guide other people in their 11:11 experience, not to fear it but to embrace it.

The purpose of this book is to guide you down many different avenues to consider and think about. It is an exploration of information, facts, personal stories, techniques, strategies, and methods to further your knowledge and awareness.

Because the 11:11 concept may be difficult to grasp and digest, I have purposefully sectioned this book into three main areas:

  1. An Exploration into 11:11 and What it’s All About.
  2. What to Do Now you see 11:11 and How.
  3. How 11:11 Can Change Your Life.

It is laced with common questions people ask, the main ones being:

  • Who Sees 11:11?
  • Is it a Coincidence?
  • Who or What is it?
  • Why Me?
  • What Does 11:11 Mean?
  • What are the Theories and Explanations Surrounding 11:11?
  • What is the Significance of it?
  • What Do I Do When I See it?

If you have any of these questions surrounding 11:11 this book is for you! All the chapters are short and simple for you to useas a tool book and refer to when needed.

I hope that I can guide you on your journey into understanding what 11:11 means to you, by inviting you to read this book.